Lori Field

“My collages are streams of consciousness. The beings in them evoke subconscious, mysterious worlds, another planet of my creation, peopled with anthropomorphic ‘angels with attitude’, mutants, exhibitionists, seducers. The animal and asian imagery in particular seem to be obsessions that have chosen me rather than the other way around. The work incorporates wax, thread, charms, whatever feels like inspiration. My drawings and paintings are based on the collages, ‘outtakes’ of the worlds depicted in them, and they too straddle the border between reality and dream, past life and present. Some are slate with collared pencil and gold leaf. Others are mixed-media with encaustic painting. My ‘creatures’ fit into my own peculiar psychological landscape and evolving mythological context. Having deciphered some of the imagery, the symbolism remains far more felt than understood. Relying on intuition, my human/animal archetypes create narratives that explore themes of rebirth, loss, identity, forgiveness, fear, denial, alienation, and vulnerability. Drawing is a passion and I intend to continue doing work that is drawing-based and concentrate on the use of non-traditional media and materials in the drawing process.”
— Outsider Artist Lori Field


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