Robert Simon

“I draw these things because I have to. This art is my lifeline. When I draw I am, for once, at peace with the world. I am relaxed and focused, in a sort of meditative state. Within a few strokes I am one with the pen, paper, and my inner self. I am completely free. I am released from all of the restraints which we as human beings, immersed in our culture, are forced to operate under.

Restraints which stifle our freedom and creativity. I can draw whatever my mind can think of. I do not force my mind to draw specific things. I let it guide my drawing as it will. I do not concern myself with how it will look, indeed I do not have a clue how it will look. I add the colors that attract me at that particular moment. I add color when I feel moved to. Sometimes as I go along, sometimes at various stages throughout the drawing and sometimes near the end. I do not plan myself out of creativity. I am the man in the cave who drew on the wall-because he had to. ”

Robert Simon, Outsider Artist


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