Felix Chadwick-Histed - Untitled, oil on paper, 42 x 42 cm

Felix Chadwick-Histed

I am a figurative artist who works primarily in oils, attempting to capture the tranquillity found in solitude. I paint […]

Freda Köhler - 'Untitled' unless inscribed verso c.1940 gouache & crayon  45 x 62 cm

Freda Köhler

The German artist, Freda Köhler produced a body of compelling visionary paintings and drawings, only a fraction of which seem

Matthew Bateson - "Away From The City", oil on canvas board, 31 x 45 cm

Matthew Bateson

Matthew Bateson is a self taught artist. His landscapes are based on his dreams, in which light and terrain reflect

František Jaroslav Pecka, untitled, 1920, colored pencil, graphite on paper, 47 x 34 cm Courtesy Gallery of Everything

Jaroslav Pecka

Pecka (1878-1960, Czechoslovakia) was a published author on evolutionary history. He was also a geologist, archaeologist, teacher and spiritualist whose

Angelika - "Butterfly (Schmetterling)" -found paper  7.25 x 4.50 ins


“The drawings of Angelika, a guest in the exclusive Sanatorium Dr Sinn in Potsdam, are pure Art Brut. They are

Bryan Charnley - Self Portrait Series 20th April 1991

Bryan Charnley

Bryan Charnley (1949 – 1991) was an artist whose work vividly portrays the effects of schizophrenia. While experiencing many of

Philippe Gomez 'Untitled' Acrylic on board, 42 x 30 ins

Philippe Gomez

To those who question themselves enough to dare to go against the flow. True Art is everything but a purely

Johnny Culver :'Untitled' 2012 mixed media on paper 28 x 35 ins

Johnny Culver

Visionary perception favours a prepared mind, and nothing seems to prepare the mind like personal suffering. If it’s intense enough,

Lund Torroll:'Event' - pencil on paper - Visionary Art

Cynthia Lund Torroll

Cynthia Lund Torroll is self-taught. Her fascination with the dualities of being both a physical and ephemeral creature simultaneously, is

Wonshondro Buam :'His Amazing Crown' - 2005, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 ins

Wonshondro Buam

Wonshondro Buam started drawing at a very young age, and received many prizes during his school days. These early achievements

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