George Lowe: "Enigma" appx 3' x 4' mixed media on found paper

George Lowe

b.1957 “Lowe’s visionary landscapes provide a journey to a fantastical place. He has depicted colorful aerial topography, crop circles, three-dimensional […]

Kareem Davis - "Midwest Met," pencil on paper, 2015

Kareem Davis

Kareem Davis creates both real and imagined elegant structural graphite drawings that evoke careful placement of line and form with

James Robb

James Robb

James Robb, 71 is an Alabama-based self-taught artist. Blind in one eye, Robb has been practicing self-hypnosis since he was


Philippe Jacq

In the hot Streets of Oran, in Algeria, we played football with friends using a rubber ring. The ball was

Harry Underwood - 'Untitled', 25 x 32.5 cm, crayon & pencil

Harry Underwood

Harry Underwood, better known simply as Harry, has carved a singular niche for himself in the Nashville and surrounding art

Benjamin Brown :'Red Bicycle'(Swimming with Nicholas) 2016, Found poster, Found Paint, Mud, Moss Mixed Media - 55.5 x 40 Inches

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown is an emerging self-taught artist, working primarily in found materials. Often employing energetic mark making with vibrant stokes

Richard Lambeth :'Untitled' c.2004, ink & pencil approx 12 X 18 ins

Richard Lambeth

Richard Lambeth is a self-taught artist with Aspergers Syndrome. Born London, c.1960. Has had work exhibited in a number of

Shaul Knaz :'Letter No 23', 1996, 65 X 75 cm

Shaul Knaz

Shaul Knaz grew up on a Kibbutz. He has always believed in art that stems from his community, visualizing signs

Salma :  'Untitled'  c.2010  mixed media on card  10 x 8 ins


Salma began to draw when she was fourteen years old. Described by her mother as hot tempered, raged and delusional,

Pinkie Maclure  'Self-Portrait Dreaming of Portavadie' 2019  Stained glass.

Pinkie Maclure

Pinkie Maclure grew up in rural Scotland in the 1960s and 70s. A prodigious child artist, she gave up art

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