Salma began to draw when she was fourteen years old. Described by her mother as hot tempered, raged and delusional, this disruptive behaviour resulting in her being expelled from school. After leaving she states, ‘I got so often bored at home I started to draw obsessively’. At this time Salma discovered the works of 20th/21st artists: Guiseppe Amisani, Goya, David Orozco and Otto Dix, which had a profound effect on her Art and psyche. She eventually attended the Royal Drawing School, London, and was awarded a full scholarship MA Level; Salma won the prestigious Felix and Katie Robyn’s prize, and her drawings were published in the Wall Street International following the end of term Royal Drawing School exhibition in 2014.

Salma has however always developed her own artistic skills, and for all intents and purposes is self-taught, despite her artistic training.

“My ultimate goal is the message behind my drawings no matter how hard I undergo good or bad news”.


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