Kenneth Brown

Kenny is an outsider artist who resided in Northern California, where he attended an arts based day program for adults. His colourful prismacolor drawings are inventive, intricate and highly detailed. Ken created figurative artworks. His subjects are usually placed in architectural surroundings that are composed of abstracted colourful rectilinear shapes. He also produced some drawings of figures in natural settings.

Ken was extremely religious and referred to his Christian beliefs in his subject matter: angels, crucified people, Christ and crucifixes are common symbols that are frequently featured. Ken sometimes would make reference to pop culture in his artworks, this can be seen in his ‘Superman’, ‘Jackson 5’ and ‘Santa Claus’ drawings. He also created drawings of his friends and staff members from the program he attended. Former Director of the Collection de l’Art Brut, Michel Thevoz, acquired 16 of Ken’s drawings for the museum, and also has several drawings in his own private collection.


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