Stephanie Sautenet

Artist Statement:

“At the end of adolescence, the creation has become a necessity for me… I wanted to share the thinks we can’t talk : perceptions, visions or beliefs that seem wrong in our civilized world.

Communication with the unseen and nature seems innate when we are children. This quickly becomes a source of misunderstanding, rejection and isolation.

My drawings so have their origin in visions, dreams more or less awake or shamanic trips.
But the drawing is itself a trance. We must so welcome the unexpected, surprise and laughter. The spirit world is very ironic, very distant from our earthly values.

I represent the parallel worlds that accompany us. We often forget that nature speaks, that the invisible is teeming of presences and messages.

The shamanic universe transforms us, not without violence too. We must tame our fears, know disappear and open to other stories.

I try to transmit this reality other with strength and softness.

What may seem violent or gory is most often care, medicine of the soul and detachment that we lack. Death is one of the great teachers here, not a finality.

— Outsider Artist Stephanie Sautenet


Stephanie Sautenet
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