Michael Onona

Born in Casablanca in 1967 and educated in London. Michael Onona’s paintings essentially concentrate on the depiction and conveyance of human emotion. Through his personal and unconventional visions of beauty his imagery challenges our perceptions, encourages the viewer to look and interpret these immensely bold visual statements.

Onona’s admiration for the old masters and the Renaissance have in turn created for this self taught artist a personal quest to achieve a blend of excellence of technique combined with powerful and unnerving imagery.

A constant regeneration of imagery and new themes are created within the mind of this unique artist. Onona’s work deals with the ‘disturbingly normal’ and finds that his own inner peace is achieved by the act of painting and this in turn enables the exorcism from the constant and ever present imagery that resides within his mind.

Onona’s ever changing visions are held together as individual statements by his enormous compositional strengths. His often symbolic imagery and the conveyance of spiritual depth marks this artist out against any other today.


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