Kianoosh Ghadi

Self-taught artist Kianoosh Ghadi hails from beautiful Mazandaran Province in the North of Iran. Educated in Russian Language and Literature, he was inspired by the ethereal beauty of his Iranian homeland and the magical characters of the great Russian classics, which he came to know during his studies in Moscow. Subsequently after settling in Germany two decades ago as a political refugee, Kianoosh sought solace through artistic expression. In his home of Dusseldorf, during the winter of 2005, he began to explore the medium of sculpture and paint, using found materials. The artist maintains that “through artistic expression I have the opportunity to explore my emotions and thoughts of life on our earth. Art continues for me to be a intrinsic voice in the expression of history and culture.”

Through successful exhibitions in Germany over the past half decade, Kianoosh continues to remain one of the most exciting art brut discoveries of recent years.

”Glashaus” Düsseldorf-Germany-2006
“Glashaus” Düsseldorf Germany-2007
“Glashaus” Düsseldorf Germany May 2007
“Artpoint” Düsseldorf -Germany summer 2007
17th Annual Exhibition of Naïve & Marginal Art, November 2014, State Library, Erkrath, Germany.


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