Izabella Ortiz

My mother is Australian and my father French-Colombian and, as a child I lived in France, in Australia and also in Alaska.

My painting is impregnated by Inuit, Aboriginal and Indian myths, tales and legends.

It came to life in an unexpected way. One evening in 2009, like a sleepwalker I grabbed a painting I had at home and painted over it. Since then I have been producing in a compulsive way.

This “trance painting” loomed up after a lung illness and has become vital to me. I have become what I am.

Most titles contain the word “dream” because for me, our roots grow in our dreams.

My dreams are my capacity of transcending everything I intercept, absorb, everything that impregnates me for me to better spill it all out when creating.

All my paintings are “automatic” and therefore, take life directly on the paper: forms and materials whisper to me what to do.

— Izabella ortiz


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