Demin is a psychoanalyst. He was born in 1968 in the south of France. For years, he had been scribbling strange figures on his notes, until in October 2017, a friend came across these sketches by chance and convinced him to start drawing. A few months later his work was exhibited in a number of galleries in France, Holland and the UK.

Demin is therefore a self-taught draftsman. His drawings tell secret and moving stories that he describes as “fragile and personal, but not entirely his own”. The draftsman decorates and transforms every phantasmatic disorder, every fear, into precise strokes. Genital organs are omnipresent, exposed to the eyes of all, as a representation of unfulfilled impulses. The drawing is executed automatically, in a classic mediumistic fashion, without any preparatory lines.

  • April 2018 exhibition Dettinger Mayer Gallery exhibition
  • May / June Art Brut Biënnale, Hengelo – Holland
  • August 2018 – Outsider Art Salon – Meysse(07)
  • Solo exhibition September – gallery Fréderic Moisan – Paris
  • Biennial Art partagé – Rives(38) 20 Oct. to 18 Nov.
  • February 2019 Hall Saint Pierre – Paris
    On a permanent basis:

  • Dome Gallery – Lourmarin
  • Dettinger-Mayer Gallery – Lyon
  • Fréderic Moisan Gallery – Paris
  • Henry Boxer Gallery – London


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