David Abisror

Born the 22nd of June 1957 in Paris.

When he was 8 years old, David Abisror lost his mother to whom he was extremely close. Immediately after the funeral he was sent to an orphanage, separated from his brothers and sisters, he then withdrew and immersed himself in a world of the imagination, only later as an adolescent did he start to paint and draw, eventually leaving his native home and traveling to Tibet and India looking for some sort of resolution to the pain he had carried around since his unhappy childhood.

Being unable to attach himself to anyone or anything, it is only now, after many years of therapy, that he has at last found himself able to exorcise his deepest feelings through the obsessive use of his pencil work, allowing for a transcendence of sorts.

(translated from the French, with thanks to Emma Langstraat).


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