Strange Things Among Us

May 24, 2021

The College of Psychic Studies in London will present a summer exhibition called Strange Things Among Us, “an exhibition that promises to fulfil your curiosity with the ethereal and ghostly, as well as offering a little something out of the ordinary as we emerge from lockdown.

Henry Boxer Gallery artists MARGOT, Ionel Talpazan and David Tibet are featured.

Through artworks, photography and artefacts, the show will take visitors on a journey to discover how the invisible has been portrayed from Victorian times to the present day. An intriguing display of spiritual belief, scientific theories, artistic endeavours and psychical investigations will prompt you to contemplate the unseen and think about the world around us and beyond. By focusing on what we cannot normally see such as energies, auras, souls, visions, spirits and ghosts, our aim is to prove that it is the strange things among us that have the power to evoke awe and wonder in our lives.”

 June 5, 2021, August 6, 2021 

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