Windows Onto the Infinite: Margot

Margot is among those rare individuals who abandons the familiar life, the everyday employment she has been immersed in, to answer a greater calling.

In 2014 her life changed radically when this young woman gave up her job as a florist in provincial France, took a new name and began to draw, as she recounts “…all day. This energy was like a torrent, indeed it was frenetic and furious”.

This compulsive creative impulse has never left her and she draws every day. There are remarkable similarities in her story with those of two classic art brut outsiders, the mediumistic artists Madge Gill and Augustin Lesage, both of whom were likewise inspired by energies and forces beyond their recognition or understanding. These works are doors, or windows into other realms or worlds, and just being in their presence enables the viewer to commune with her psychic experience, with the monumental complexity of her images and with her message, which is, she says, of a oneness and a connectedness embracing all humanity and nature.

Colin Rhodes, author of Outsider Art: Spontaneous Alternatives

60 pages, full-color, hardcover.

Printing is on-demand through Blurb.

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